About AFIC

Established in 2019, the Australian Festival Industry Conference (AFIC) is the only conference in Australia dedicated exclusively to servicing the thousands of festival industry professionals that produce quality music, arts and culture, food and drink, “intellectual and ideas” and sporting festivals.

Its inaugural event in 2019 was an incredible success and attracted around 100 industry professionals from all across the country! These included private, NFP and public sector festival organisers, industry suppliers, as well as grant and educational providers. You can view all of our 2019 speakers here. Plus, all of our media coverage here and our 2019 gallery here.

AFIC’s second follow up event will take place across 30 August – 1 September 2022 at Sea World Resort on the Gold Coast, thanks to the support of Destination Gold Coast. View our 2022 speakers here. Buy tickets by clicking here.


National Finalist for ‘Best Achievement in Event Education or Training’ at the 2020 Australian Event Awards
National Finalist for ‘Best Achievement in Event Education or Training’

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AFIC’s Aim & Purpose

AFIC’s aim is to service the thousands of professionals that make up today’s Australian festival landscape, spanning across:

  1. Music festivals
  2. Arts & cultural festivals: including comedy, film, writing, photography, visual art, performing arts, multi-cultural, etc.
  3. Food & drink festivals: including wine, beer, cider, spirits, non-alcoholic, etc
  4. Intellectual & ideas festivals: i.e. TEDx, All About Women, etc. Also includes sustainability festivals.
  5. Sporting festivals

AFIC provides industry professionals with a conference-style platform to:

  1. Discuss and form a “collective voice” key issues facing the industry
  2. Learn about the latest innovative developments and best-practices
  3. Exchange information, ideas and case studies from festivals occurring across Australia
  4. Become empowered to further develop the quality of Australian festivals
  5. Network with fellow industry professionals

Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from some of the industry’s most experienced and successful professionals on topics such as:

  • Legislative changes
  • Operational developments (i.e. site planning, traffic management)
  • Marketing
  • Technological event management advancements
  • Human resource & volunteer management strategies
  • Destination management strategies
  • And more…

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